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02-08-2013, 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by pulserazor View Post
It will be interesting to see how long Craptic lets this continue, I for one will not be playing until it is fixed, and I may just uninstall anyway.

I have tested this from both ends: Nothing, I repeat NOTHING will break the cloak, not CPB, Sensor Scan, 125 Aux, Nothing. Brel is free to pelt opponents with no chance of being killed, which in and of itself isnt terrible, most B'rel cant kill anything on their own anyway, but what it leads to is an excellent opportunity for griefing. One can stretch a simple 5 on 5 as long as they want, until the feds quit.. just for fun. And dont kid yourself into believing that people wont do it just for fun. Klinks already grief with their cloaks as they are, for as long as they can get away with it in the absence of teams with Science ships or the laughable CPB that people rarely slot.

And to my Panda friend, I see no benefit to your vaunted 'community at whole' to keep a lid on this, that will only serve to prolong the benefit to those in the know, and every moment that things like this persist presents another opportunity for a player to fall victin to it and become disenchanted with the game to the point of /uninstall.

Between this and directed energy modulation turret spam, (bop? what bop?) I have no desire to play this game anymore
B'rels can take a single target just fine.

And you're wrong about CPB and 125 aux. We tested, and CPB decloaked me when my Bio-Neural was hit with it. Same thing happened when it got hit with Gravity Well. He was also able to see me when he bumped into me. Granted, he had to keep ramming me until I was visible long enough for him to fire. Another fleet mate of mine had maxed Sensors, and he could see me flash in and out at over 3km (I wasn't firing at the time). Not long enough for him to target me, but he was able to see where I was and follow me. If he had Gravity Well or CPB, he could have targeted my destructible projectiles and decloak me. Or, in a bigger game, if the ship next to you gets hit with CPB or Gravity Well, it would also decloak me.

In any case, it's a bug. Cryptic is aware of it and they are working on fixing it.