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Originally Posted by psymantis View Post
The founder packs they're selling don't seem worth their price to me. Especially as to get all the items you'd need to buy all 3 packs. That's $280 not including any tax.
I will list the goods for all the packs. Any item with a * is available in another pack.

Never Winter Starter Kit
  • Amulet of Protection
  • Small Bag of Holding*
  • 1 Adventurer's Helper Pack*

Guardian of Neverwinter
  • Armored Horse Mount
  • Direwolf Companion
  • Gold Moonstone Regalia Mask
  • Greycloak's Legacy*
  • Robe of Useless Items*
  • Adventurer's Helper Pack*
  • 1 Respec Token*
  • Founder's Title*
  • 1 Extra Character Slot
  • 125,000 Astral Diamonds (their version of dilithium)

Hero of the North
  • Menzoberranzan Renegade (their version of liberated borg)
  • Armored Spider Mount
  • Panther Companion
  • Gold Moonstone Mask Regalia Set (Full outfit)
  • VIP Game Access
  • Founder Armor's Aura
  • Founder's Title*
  • Small Bag of Holding*
  • Dungeon Master Unlock (Foundry Creation Unlock at level 1 instead of level 15)
  • Delzoun Treasure Box
  • Moonstone Regular (their version of Captain's Table)
  • Adventurer's Helper Pack*
  • 1 Respec Token*
  • Greycloak's Legacy*
  • Robe of Useless Items*
  • 750,000 Astral Diamonds
  • 3 Extra Character Slots

So if you buy the $200 and $60 one, then you don't need to buy the $20 one since the only unique item it has is an Amulet of Protection that gives +1 AC. If you just get the $60 one, then you might want to get the $20 for the small bag of holding which gives 12 more inventory slots. Getting the $200 and $60 one will give 875,000 Astral Diamonds, 2 Respecs, and 4 Extra Slots I think. So if you are getting the $200 version, then the only real reason to get the $60 version is the direwolf companion and armored horse mount. Companions are combat pets that level up and you can customize them with slots.