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Originally Posted by captnurntumber View Post
The only hologram I consider "alive" is Arnold Rimmer, and thats a totally different series. (but a great one)
Rimmer's a smeg-head.


I assume you're referring to regular cast members, not guest stars? In that case:

TOS: I didn't really dislike anyone in TOS. How can you? It's TOS.

TNG: As if you're going to get anything but Wesley Crushers for this one. I almost feel like he shouldn't be in the running, it's just too easy. For me, Guinan was a close second. I mean, it's Whoopie frelling Goldberg. You might as well cast Robin Williams as the chief of security.

DS9: I gotta agree with your wife. Kira just didn't mesh with the show, in my opinion. She always seemed so... uncomfortable. I mean, in part, that was her character, but look at her with Odo. Or in any of her relationships. I always felt like Nana Visitor had some sort of intimacy issues.

VOY: Does Andy Dik (had to misspell his last name to avoid automated censorship ) as the EMH Mk. II count? Seriously though, Voyager's crew never really had that relaxed, comfortable feel that most of the other casts developed. There were some very talented individual actors, but as an ensemble, I always felt something was lacking. That said, if I had to choose one character in particular who annoyed me... my gut says Harry Kim. That actually took me a while - Garrett Wang isn't a bad actor, I just find Kim doesn't come across as genuine. No one's that good, and that naive, for that long.

ENT: Hoshi Sato. Hands down. Being hot doesn't make you a great actor, nor does it make your character inherently lovable. I didn't find Park's acting to be that great, and Hoshi just annoyed the **** out of me. She was so whiny and constantly terrified... it really got old. The only time when I felt that she strayed into her element was during the mirror universe episodes. She pulled off the whole manipulative tramp (I know it's a strange word to use, but I'm trying to avoid dirty language here) thing pretty well.

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