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02-08-2013, 08:40 PM
TOS - It's really hard to say, since the only fault any character had was that they just weren't given enough to do. Uhura, Chekhov and Sulu all fit into that category, but I still like them whenever they do get a chance to get involved in the story. Ooh, right... if we stretch the category all the way out to the TOS movie villains, can we say Sybok? He is Spock's brother, so he's kind of a main character by proxy.

TNG - She eventually improved and became one of my favorite characters, but the way the writers handled Troi was like nails on chalkboard for the first few seasons. For an example of just how much better she got, compare her getting drunk in Season 1, breathlessly sighing about she wants Riker in her mind, with her getting drunk in First Contact and getting aristocratically indignant about everything.

DS9 - I like Kira overall, but she could get really preachy sometimes, and she never really seemed to evolve much as a character until maybe the last season. Plus, Kira and Odo always seemed like the least plausible romance ever (okay, maybe Cochrane and his lovelorn gas cloud from TOS beat them out, but not by much!), and their relationship troubles wound up hijacking the show for awhile.

VOY - Seven of Nine. It's a shame because she has a lot of interesting story elements and good character moments, but most of the time she had no personality and the way the show practically fetishized her was just embarrassing. At first I thought the problem lay with Jeri Ryan, but after seeing her on other shows, and playing an emotional Seven in "The Killing Game,"it's not her, it's just how the character's written.

ENT - T'Pol for being fetishized maybe even more than Seven, and having the same lack of personality (and whereas Seven at least had lots of interesting background stuff to work with like her parents, T'Pol's got nothing going on). She'd started to improve a little as the show went on, though, and I think if it'd lasted a full seven seasons she might have pulled a Troi and turned the character around.