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02-08-2013, 08:59 PM
I'm having problems also.

My bridge officer stations on my ship were empty but I was able to reassign my boffs and their abilities show up.

Another problem: I can't change uniforms. I have a bunch of uniform slots and when I right click my character portrait and select to change uniform nothing happens. I even went to the tailor, selected a different uniform and chose to "wear" it and still nothing happens.

Another problem as someone else here has mentioned: The main purpose for transferring my main character over to the test server was because I have tier 5 Romulan. I wanted to see what the stats on the new rifles and pistols were. I also have tier 4 Omega and wanted to see the cost of the Borg Duty Officers that use to be available as an STF reward. The problem I'm having is that both reputations are showing my passive abilities chosen but both reps show tier 0 and the store isn't available even though I've done a lot of rep store unlocks. My character is equipped with the Tactical Drone Mk XII ground weapon, which can only be purchased in the Omega rep store after completing the project to unlock it. I've also completed ALL Romulan store unlock projects.

I was going to provide screenshots but for some reason they aren't in the STO screen shot folder. I did use the /screenshot_ui_jpg command.

Edit: Not sure if it matters but the starship I had equipped is the Breen Chel Grett Warship. The stations looked fine, just had to reassign my boffs to them.
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