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02-08-2013, 09:06 PM
TOS - None really. If I HAD to pick I guess Nurse Chapel, if only because her defining characteristic was "I have a secret crush on Spock".
TNG - Pulaski. If you think Dr. Crusher is a bad character you obviously forgot about Dr. Pulaski. Thankfully she was only around for one season.
DS9 - Any Kai or Vedek, but especially Winn and that guy that Kira was in love with for the first couple of seasons. They're all preachy and annoying and boring.
VOY - Chakotay. The only way he could've been more uninteresting was if he was in a coma for the entire trip.
ENT - Completely agree with OP on Travis. They could've had a mannequin at the helm and it would've made as much of an impression on the story.

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