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02-08-2013, 10:13 PM
ToS-- Nurse Chapel (mainly for the same reason that Variant37 stated), and maybe yeoman Janice Rand. Seriously, there was times when I felt that she was only there to serve as a possible love interest for kirk even though he wouldn't act on it. plus that hair of hers... Dear god. You basically would have to spend hours on that hair when getting ready in the morning....

TNG: Again, It looks like I'm basically agreeing with Variant37... Dr. Pulaski was almost like somebody trying too hard to be like a female McCoy or something like that. But she only came off as a utterly forgettable person, evidenced by the fact that many people remember Dr.Crusher but not Dr. Pulaski.

DS9: I would have to say Rom. He's like a fergegi Wesley crusher to me, only slightly less annoying.

Voy--A toss up between Kim and Chakotay.

ENT: Malcolm Reed. Sorry, but he did nothing for me at all when I watched the series.