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Originally Posted by mrkollins View Post
Based on the Thread by Naz and since all the Ground post end in oblivion or deleted by discussions of ego, it's time to make one post with all the current issues concerning Ground PvP.

Please mantain this thread clean and keep discussions out of here. Please start an alternate thread if you wish to discuss anything further.

Posting format:
Ground ability / Item / Trait / Race / Other
Perceived issue summary

Towards a better game, let's start this:

01. Item: Compressed Cryo Launcher
Issue: No exist Armors with resistance against Cold, it makes all the other Pulsewaves useless regarding damage

02. Race: Caitian/Ferasan
Issue: Jump height can be used to exploit pathing mistakes on Shanty Town to access areas where other players cannot follow and to directly cross obstacles that should be impassible. Even if it were not for this, jump height would be a powerful ability: you can evade most of the damage from engineer mines and bombs by jumping over them, jump to evade the damage from a grenade or an orbital strike (even if you are rooted).

03. Trait: Pounce
Issue: It is an Exploit attack, it is a high damage knockback attack, is not affected by holds and slows, it does not share a cooldown with Lunge, its cooldown is too short.
1)Solution; Introduce wide range of armors with limited cold resistance (green and blue "Drops"), and small range of armors with resistance up to 20% vs. Cold damage(Purple drop/Rep store/Fleet item). This presents players with opportunity-cost choices of whether to take their MACO/KHG/Adapted suits, OR take the cold-resisting stuff. (Diversity instead of Nerf)

2).Solution: Correct the pathing mistakes in "Shanty Town"

3) Solution: Working as intended.
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