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Regular cast only

TOS- Chapel. All she did was pine away for Spock. The TOS women were only there to keep it from being a sausage party so its hard to blame them.

TNG- Yar and Pulaski. Sorry. Roddenberry's version of "strong woman" was grating. Pity after her and Pulaski women would be nothing but mother hens or evil seccubai in the show and this aspect was dropped. Everything else improved after he was pushed out and its a shame that how women were presented didn't.

DS9- Jake. Aside for "The Visitor" the character never developed beyond "Sisko's Son". Even Morn had more character. Lots of potential there too.

Voy- Seven. While most of the standout episodes of later seasons revolved around her, she still suffered from the same paint by numbers characterization of the rest of the characters without the initials EMH in their name. But since the focus was on her, she became the Poochie

Ent- I have to be honest and say that the crew were various shades of drying paint and its easier to just say the occasional Shran episode was the only reason to watch the show.
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