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02-09-2013, 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by tom61sto View Post
Oh heck no. An escort with 37950 Hull and 1.1 Shield mod would be a bit much currently... That and I doubt they'd do a fleet version since they apparently have a deal for it to be a Steam exclusive.
Yeah, the Steamrunner Retrofit already has Fleet ship stats anyway -- a full 1.0 Shield Modifier (higher than most Fleet escorts), 10 consoles, 34500 Hull HP... it's a beast already.

I would LOVE to see a Fleet Galaxy-X with 4 Tac consoles and a Universal Ensign slot at least... not so much for myself, since I'm all about the Defiant, but because I'd just like to see this ship alongside me in more STFs.

What Cryptic also needs to do is add in Fleet variants with unique skins (not just the old C-store skins that existed pre-S6), for ships not currently with Fleet versions.

I'm looking at you, Fleet Cruisers and Fleet Light Science Vessels... they can add those in without using the Constitution and Oberth skins, keeping those ships exclusive to 24th and 25th Century designs at the Fleet level.

Honestly, I can imagine a number of people would probably buy the Exeter ship just to fly it at T5 with the Fleet Cruiser.