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One of my characters has a great deal of (mutual) unresolved attraction/chemistry/tension with his Andorian XO. Neither of them has ever acted on it, despite a lot of the close calls that writers love teasing fans with. The matter is further complicated by her being part of a married quartet back on the homeworld.

I should also mention my Gorn freighter captain. Back when he was in the Gorn Space Navy, he had a star-crossed relationship of his own with a female in the Intelligence branch; it never went anywhere, in large part due to the whole "two different worlds" thing. Now that he's "retired" (ie, secretly working for the Resistance), someone thought it would be amusing to make her his liaison / "handler." She's not under his command - if anything, it's the other way around - but she is represented in-game by a bridge officer (Science), so I'll mention it here. Their scenes together tend to have a lot of reminiscence and regret over "what might have been", and the occasional tentative gesture toward (re)kindling... something.
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