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02-09-2013, 02:59 AM
TOS: Uhura. I'm not really sure why, I just never found her that interesting.

TNG: Pulaski. Dear god... I'm glad she was only around for 1 season.

DS9: Any Ferengi or Jadzia Dax. First of all: The Ferengis are just plain annoying. In any Star Trek series. Secondly, Dax and her damn "Hurr Durr Klingons" just annoyed me in the end. And because Terry Farrell can't act.

VOY: Kes. Do I really need to say anything here?

ENT: T'Pol. This whole "Future half-pornstar" stuff doesn't really do it for me. Huge boobs, a nice little outfit so every male viewer out there can fantasize about her... Sorry but no... And she isn't even that good looking.