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02-09-2013, 03:02 AM
I too am curious to know how they intend to include warp cores.

I've not really thought on it but I suspect that it would be another piece of ship equipment along with shields, engines and deflector since a warp core as a console makes no sense, it is integral to the ship after all.

This idea is flawed I admit since this would need a revision over all of the equipment so relevant bonuses and stats are re-distributed in a way it makes sense, no point having an uncommon deflector that gives +5 to aux power when the warp core should have such a bonus.

But if Cryptic had the patience I can see warp cores with the following stat bonuses:

+ warp core efficiency/potential
+ power (weapon/battery/aux/engines)
+ electro-plasma relays
+ driver coil
+ flow caps
+ power insulators

If this were to happen, deflectors would be more focused on the science stats like sensor range, stealth, particle generators etc. Engines would stick to impulse thrusters, sector space speed and turn rate. Shields would be largely unchanged.

I know I'm probably way off the mark here, but it's my 2 pennies anyway.