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I am pulling my hair out trying to get around this issue...

HUD settings will refuse to keep "Mouse Over" for anything.. And half the time it will not accept changes for anything, target of target, ect.. "Mouse Over" is a must for me, to keep current target and quickly mouse over another to see health.. And what really irks me is "Always" will turn itself back on for EVERYTHING, it's an eyesore.

It's frustrating me to the point where I dont want to play anymore cause I have to spend 15-20mins trying to get the settings back to where I had them in the first place, which involves a lot of logging to get them to change/keep, otherwise a map move will cause them to revert AGAIN..

I have several char with different HUD settings, my carrier has fighter status "off" cause I have 12 Orion mine layers running around, which flood the screen with ugly text/boxes. Where as my sci runs with fighter status "on" cause I only have 4 shuttles/drones out. It seems that after a few logins between the two everything starts falling apart.

I had this issue before, but if I remember right the August 23, 2012 fixed the issue, well now its back and its more annoying than ever before..