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Originally Posted by coupaholic View Post
Not sure if I'm about to commit a serious offence here, but I don't mind Neelix. At worst I'd spike his drink with something that knocks him out for a few hours so I can enjoy some peace.

He is a bit irritating I grant you, but I still think Jar Jar is far worse.
Agreed. plus, the other characters has the decency to not pretend that he is actually an awesome warrior or something like that like in Star Wars with Jar Jar. They actually acknowledge that Neelix is kind of annoying and that the only reason why they keep him around is because he's a pretty good informant on things that they aren't familiar with at times.

Heck, even Tuvok choked the hell out of a holographic representation of Neeleix when he needed to let off some stress.

I guess the writers wanted a butt-monkey for the series, and Neelix was it. The Star trek cast basically tells Neelix to go stay in the kitchen unless needed!
this puts an damper on how annoying he can be. Because they're basically telling you: "No, you're not the only one who finds him annoying. We feel you, bro. But we do need his knowledge, etc. so what can we do?"

In star wars on the other hand, they're just like: "Oh, Jar Jar is a valuable member of our team!! Oh, since he did so well let's permanently make him our guide and delegate to the Galactic Senate so that he can always be around!"
They basically give Jar Jar brinks an false sense of entitlement, and basically excuses how annoying he is... so he runs around unrestrained with little motive to change his ways.
He is ten times more annoying because in universe he basically gets away with being annoying!!

At least with Neelix, they subtly remind him that there would be some people who finds him annoying, so he better tone it down a little.