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Originally Posted by warpangel View Post
Well, a gray line is present where the saucer dorsal phaser strip would be. It's pretty obvious they just tacked on those extra bits to the base Intrepid model. But whether that strip is operational or not is another matter, its partially blocked by the add-ons. In any case the ship was only ever seen firing from its large cannons.

As I already said, the quoted specs were total BS. Though a federation ship could have 25 "phaser banks," if they were not combined into long strips. Nor does having 25 weapons mean the ship has to have power to fire them all at once. No ship in canon is ever seen firing all their phaser arrays at once. The torpedo launcher count was more absurd in that regard, if for no other reason then because it would never be able to carry ammo for so many.
Unless they were mounted in single shot disposeable launchers, like rocket pods.

That would be a neat thing to see fire.

As for the ship...its would be a cool costume but I doubt it would be so...scorty..hmm new word.
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