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02-09-2013, 07:19 AM
Drawing Results:

Greetings, tournament participants. Devoras has asked me--as a neutral party--to draw team names to see who would face off against one another in this most classic of tournaments. And since it is never wise to upset a Romulan, I agreed. By "neutral" I take to mean that I don't have a team in the mix. I have no involvement in the "Boot Camp" team, by the way, though a lawsuit for copyright infringement is pending (just kidding)

Teams were drawn in the following manner:
1- Each team was assigned a number (1-8)
2- This number was then written on a piece of paper
3- I then mixed these pieces of paper around, threw them in the air, etc. and drew them without looking at the pieces.
4- I drew two pieces of paper at a time and whatever teams those two numbers corresponded to are the teams that are listed below:

TSI vs. X-treme
Lag Ind vs. Vipers
PvP boot camp team vs. Elite defense starfleet
Sad Pandas vs. TRH

Let epic PvP begin!

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