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To keep things short:

- No shadow options to select above medium, even though I'm normally playing high on Holodeck
- AA is off by default, even though I play 4x on Holodeck
- Soft Particles, SSAO, Depth of Field and Underwater View are turned off automatically as soon as you enable AA... It even says so in the tooltip. So it's either... or...
- Textures tend to load longer and until then everything is black

As much as patch notes such as "Addressed many of the graphics-related issues players have reported." sound interesting, it would seem that in the end you've made the game look and run worse. What's the reasoning behind that? I'd call it a bug if not for the sudden tooltip information...

Running Win XP, DX9, GeForce GTX 460 with 310.70 driver version, if that's important.

Additional observations:
- Bloom Quality goes to Low automatically as soon as you enable AA
- High quality shadows seem to be available only without AA. Turning on the AA makes them all pixelated.

What is this I don't even... Why? Just why? What was wrong until now? The game looks ugly now without any kind of AA, while it lacks many visual effects without the rest of the options...

Updated to the latest nvidia drivers. No change - AA still disables many visual options and gives me the info that my GPU/Drivers don't support them. All that despite the fact that it all works fine on Holodeck.

Worst thing is, I can't seem to force AA through nvidia control panel in STO... There goes my hope for a workaround, should this "feature" go live... *sigh*

It's clearly an issue with AA solely. I certainly hope this will get looked into, because I'm sure I won't be the only one to experience this drop in graphics quality if this actually goes live (and, sadly, it proably will...).

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