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Star Trek vs Star Wars... /sigh

SWTOR just announced they intend to add a rep system to their game, and that rep system looks very similar to STOs version. So far the only noticeable differences is they have vendor NPCs and it crosses through the legacy systems to all of a persons characters.

I'm not sure what STO can or will pioneer out for new content, but I doubt a legacy system would help STO. There is only 3 character classes, and then it would seem a little too much like copy catting for what few things that could be allowed to share across a players account between characters. Though it would still be nice to have an engineer that could throw plasma grenades and slam a radioactive field on an enemy...

So much for the hopes that rivalry would tone down after Disney bought the rights to SW.

Even though a Ferangi will realize that rivalries are good for business...

What are ya'lls opinion on what STO could add to the game that would still be Star Trekishly pioneered, without seeming like a copy cat ST vs SW Rivalry addon?