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02-09-2013, 08:36 AM
First, thanks for the suggestions. I monitored the temperature during gameplay of my CPU and GPU. CPU stayed about 85? and GPU about 80?. This during all the time. I didn't see any peak on the temperature just before the crashes. I also monitored use of video ram. It never went more than 500 MB (My video card has 1 GB).

I also entered on the game on safe mode. I didn't saw any crash, but I just played once on infected. Since video driver was disabled, it was everything really slow. Disabled every non-microsoft process on startup and rebooted. No use. I still saw the crashes. I need yet to check disk for errors. While I don't find the time to do that, I'll try to downgrade the video driver and with some luck this might work.

Once again, thanks for the sugesttions.
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