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# 1 Ground combat 2.0 F2P
02-09-2013, 09:57 AM
IT did improve a lot with crosshairs and such - but overall i find it still lacking.

Its not about the stats or gear.

Its the combat itself. Quite often enemy or boffs just run into each other - no "covering" or flanking. They use skills randomly at wrong time.

Shooting is slow and glitched (more then often i see holding machinegun in 1 hand and shooting into the sky while enemy takes damage or pulsewave shooting to the side).

Or you stand right behind the enemy at a certain distance and they do nothing. Fix the "blindness".

And when shooting... you dont really feel that you shoot, no combat feeling.

Cant remap some buttons (like melee on middle mouse or alt attack on right click - id prefer zoom on right).