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# 2 Casual Fleet recruiting!
02-09-2013, 09:08 AM
Hello kingregzilla!

My name is Daxx, I'm a member of the Phoenix Rebirth fleet! We are a small fleet of about 50 folks from all over the world. We are also a very casual fleet of people who just love the game. There's no pressure on anyone in our fleet to contribute to projects, or participate in group events. We really only have three rules:
1. Please try to be active in fleet chat so we can get to know you as part of the team.
2. Please be respectful of your fellow fleeters and all players of all ranks and experience.
3. Have fun!

I understand you're not big into PVP, I myself am not into it either! I prefer teamwork over fighting with my fellows! Feel free to contact me or RobertJohnson@predrillion at any time or while playing or shout me a msg! Thanks and good luck in your search for a fleet that suits your needs!
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