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02-09-2013, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We are considering a solution, and would appreciate feedback...

Our plan is to examine the max Cold Resist a player can reasonably obtain (probably via Nukara EV Suits), and we will then use that as a baseline for Max Resists when compared against what can be obtained for a standard energy type like Phaser or Disruptor. From there, we will tune the damage this weapon deals against PLAYERS ONLY, to approximately match the DPS of a comparable weapon of a different energy type, based on that upper limit. The weapon's effectiveness in PvE will remain unaltered.

Does that sound like an agreeable solution to the Ground PvP community?
You forgot that the CRM-200 is in the same boat. It deals Cold damage and unless you're in an EV suit, you have no defense against it (other than trying to not be in LoS of the player using it).

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
]The jump height pathing exploits are very difficult to address, and artificially limiting a Trait of this type on a select subset of maps just doesn't make much sense. We are exploring our options.

Roots should prevent jumping, but it's an animation issue. We are working toward a solution to that (and a few other movement-related inconsistencies) but they are unlikely to go live before our May update.
The biggest "exploit" on Shanty Town for Caitians/Ferasans was a little nook on a wall by one base which let you, though a carefully measured jump, get up on the debris above the console. That would let you use it as a sniper's nest and there wasn't much you could do against that besides counter-snipe and hope you can get a good Lunge in to get up there with 'em. Recent patches from a month or two ago (when the queues were disabled for patching) fixed that one.

The only other one I am aware of involves the roof of a building near the bridge in the middle, but its not really that terrible. Tacticals can get to you with Lunge kicks, other players can easily shoot you, and crafty engineers could just put a Cover Shield at just the right location to jump up to the roof with you and beat you in the head with a sledgehammer for being up there in the first place.

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I can't yet offer any feedback about it's combat functionality, but we're planning to add a category cooldown between Pounce and Lunge, such that using one ability will put the other on a half-duration cooldown. Owning both powers will still allow you to use them twice as fast as a non-Felinoid, but not back-to-back.
I'm not terribly against a cooldown for the two. I'll just admit that I find it frustrating if they resist knockdown from Lunge somehow and I need them in a bowled over state..thus Pounce. Or if they interrupt my Pounce and it goes into cooldown anyway thus leaving me with just Lunge. Not a scenario that actually happens often, I've noticed (you need either luck or great timing to interrupt either of the two skills while they're in animation). But again, the fact you can chain them back to back isn't a good thing in PvP. I'll certainly miss it greatly in PvE, but I'm still okay with the cooldown idea.