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Just to touch on a few of the above points...
Yar... Yes, Denise Crosby left the show because she didn't like how Tasha was being written, but always wanted to return to the show, and was responsible for the creation of Sela...

Chakotay... I never really had any beef with him as a character, but I have read that Robert Beltran had said that he didn't give 100% to the role, so I can understand why people may think Chakotay as a pretty lacklustre character.

On a personal level, I much prefer Tuvok over Spock. As he was only half-Vulcan, Spock was always trying to behave as the Ultimate Vulcan so as to not be questioned about his Human heritage. Tuvok, on the other hand, was fully Vulcan and over twice Spock's age (at the time of TOS) so he was never 'trying to be Vulcan', he simply Was

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