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02-09-2013, 10:50 AM
RCS Accelerator Consoles
Issue: Because the RCS consoles increase turn rate by a percentage rather than a fixed number, they have lower value to lower turn rate ships, sometimes to the point that the console gives no perceivable benefit in effectiveness. At the other end of the spectrum, ships with especially high turn rate gain even more benefit, making it impossible to close any perceived gaps in performance with gear.

Combat Impulse Engine
Issue: Does not provide any benefit at end-game power levels. For most captains it is impossible to lower engine power much below 50.

Hyper Impulse Engine
Issue: Too easy to run at high power levels at end-game making it easy to gain the benefit of Hyper engines. Most captains can run a ship at 125 in either Weapons or Aux (depending on the ship's focus) and still keep engine power at 70+. This compounds the effects of speed on defense as it is extremely easy to run a ship at a high enough speed to gain the maximum defensive bonus.

Power System Consoles (Booster Modulator, Plasma Distribution Manifold, Field Emitter, Injector Assembly)
Issue: The bonus power gained from these consoles is very low, and easily ignored, making them a poor choice as compared to other Engineering consoles.