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Originally Posted by lincolninspace View Post
T'pol is the worst character bar none! If you want to see a good vulcan portrayal take Nimoy's spock or Russ's Tuvok they manage to make these stiff characters come to life and even have little nuances. T'pol was terribly portrayed I cannot stand the actresses broken whiney voice. She has even went on the record as being a Trek fan so face it girl you may be pretty but you cannot act.
I'd have to disagree. On T'Pol at least.

Give Rand a break she was passable and sadly the actress was sexually assaulted during the production of the show.
I've also heard it said she had some kind of drug/alcohol addiction. It was the 60s though, so thats not really hard to believe.

I never liked Tasha Yar she makes a decent NPC contact though
Yar was underused and underwritten.

Worf was your bland cookie cutter honorable warrior type that is done to death. I only like the little humor bits done with the character.
Once Worf became Security Chief he was able to offer the insights into Klingon culture....of course they used that too much in the shows run, but he wasn't a bad character. I wasn't a fan of the humor bits myself. They always made Worf look like a dumbass.

The Sisko, the most annoying Samuel L Jackson impression ever.
Nah, the only thing they have in common is that they're both bald black guys. I actually liked Sisko character and the way he was portrayed. To be honest he was more interesting than "Mister Perfect" Picard. (I know a lot of people aren't gonna like that, but its the way I feel about it.

Janeways stupid command choices without considering alternatives. A half Maquis would have mutinied in the first season.If better written the actress (sorry forgot the name) had the chops to give a nuanced performance but they wrote her as a Katherine Hepburn impersonator with bad leadership skills.
I don't have issues with Kate Mulgrew's performance, but Janeway was written badly most of the time.

Kai Wynn is a good Villain. An evil religious leader is a realistic villain just look at history. DS9 has a real touch of realism too it, the villains pretend to be benevolent.
You want to talk about poor acting? Woof, the actress that played Winn was horrible! Dukat was a better villain in the show. Winn had her place as a villain, but Dukat was deliciuosly evil.

And of course LuwuxannaTroi!!!! I know she was a guest star but all I can say is I liked the computer better.
Oh yeah, I usually skipped Laxwanna Troi episodes.

Oh and Guinnan is annoying too I never needed to know how close her and Picard were *shudders*.
I didn't mind Guinan so much but then she really had very little screen time if you think about it.