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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We are considering a solution, and would appreciate feedback...

Our plan is to examine the max Cold Resist a player can reasonably obtain (probably via Nukara EV Suits), and we will then use that as a baseline for Max Resists when compared against what can be obtained for a standard energy type like Phaser or Disruptor. From there, we will tune the damage this weapon deals against PLAYERS ONLY, to approximately match the DPS of a comparable weapon of a different energy type, based on that upper limit. The weapon's effectiveness in PvE will remain unaltered.

Does that sound like an agreeable solution to the Ground PvP community?

The jump height pathing exploits are very difficult to address, and artificially limiting a Trait of this type on a select subset of maps just doesn't make much sense. We are exploring our options.

Roots should prevent jumping, but it's an animation issue. We are working toward a solution to that (and a few other movement-related inconsistencies) but they are unlikely to go live before our May update.

I can't yet offer any feedback about it's combat functionality, but we're planning to add a category cooldown between Pounce and Lunge, such that using one ability will put the other on a half-duration cooldown. Owning both powers will still allow you to use them twice as fast as a non-Felinoid, but not back-to-back.
Adding an accolade that you could earn that gives us innate cold resistance, maybe 5% or so would be great. Combined with an added cold resistance to the EV suits I feel would fix the problem, in case people felt like they needed more resistance. I doubt people would like fighting a ground pvp with an EV suit. The Breen are the only cold users (as far as i know) and apart from the episode missions, you only encounter them during the ground colony invasion fleet mark event. I will die more fighting the Breen during the colony event then I would in an elite ground STF. It wouldn't break the PVE or PVP balance the game currently has but will only improve on it.

In regards to the jumping caitans/farseans all you would need to do is to reduce their jumping height. The pathing fixes previously added to the assault map with the invisible walls was not done well.

04. Map: Assault
Issue: More assault like maps. Not enough.

05. Allegiance: Queues
Issue: There aren't a lot of ground pvp'ers. Instead of limiting it to FED vs. FED, KDF vs. KDF, or FED vs. KDF. I would also like to see a ALL vs. ALL.

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