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02-09-2013, 11:44 AM
That sounds like a good solution that will leave the cryo gun powerful and unique in pvp but not badly overpowered, as it will become weak against shields but remain stronger against health than an energy pulsewave. Note that it will be stronger even comparing enemies with energy resistance armor to the energy pulsewave and cryo resistance armor to the cryo pulsewave if you make this proposed change, because damage resistance debuffs effect a higher percentile shift in resistances at low numerical resistance values than they do at high numerical resistance values, because of diminishing returns. In addition, please consider adding Cold Damage to the list of damage types debuffed by Dampening Field. This loophole-ing of the sci's best defense against pulsewaves is part of what makes the cryo gun overpowered, and contributes to the balance mismatch of tac vs sci.

towards the OP
Level Design: Invisible Walls in Shanty Town
The season 7 (I think) changes to Shanty Town added a number of invisible walls that don't do much against the major pathing exploits in the map, but do make it harder for everyone to navigate around... ironically, many of the invisible walls don't actually make it much harder for caitians to move around, but do prevent normal people from moving freely around the map WITHOUT exploiting unintended pathing methods, and some of them are completely counterintuitive, with obviously open paths like the gaps under the ramp leading up to the overlook of the spawn point being closed off by invisible walls that don't seem to serve any purpose.

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