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02-09-2013, 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by phalanx01 View Post
What I do mind is the USELESS ship we got on the KDF side. Another Cruiser?! We need the K'vort class Escort that can finally match us up with the Feddy escorts like the Defiant!
Sure, let's bash a free ship that you didn't even have to get.

Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
And please, no K'Vort. The last thing the KDF needs is another unimaginative product of poor production clogging our rosters.
You are the first person that I find to share my opinion. People are excited to get a K'vort. I wouldn't be caught dead in that over-inflated B'rel. Yuck!

Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
So please, *DO* explain why its so bad a canon Timeship doing what Timeships are know to do instead of using a NON-CANON ship were its sole reason to exist is for the KDF not operating a "USS" ship?

Oh and I have no idea were the Klingons actually are in the 29th Century, Enterprise did put then as part of the Federation at that point, along with the Romulan but that is about it.
I don't have a beef that the Wells saves the day. What I wonder on the other hand is why these 'Wells Timeships' did not react when Franklin Drake sends us through time to destroy a comet or even more why don't they intervene when Tholians brought back the 29 century technology in the 25 century?

About the ENT episode - that was just one possible outcomes to the future, that can be changed any day by the acts of an indivudual. Like the Xindi destroying Earth, or Archer getting himself killed trying to prevent it.
Many factors could influence the change of that one 'possible' future we saw in ENT, so it isn't something written in stone. As far as I see it in STO, the Klingons are not in the Federation if they have their own Korath Timeships serving the same purpose as the Wells.
Because true Starfleet Captains command Exploration Cruisers!
Thank you Cryptic for finally giving me MY SHIP!!!