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02-09-2013, 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Does that sound like an agreeable solution to the Ground PvP community?
Yes, yes yes. This is how PvP balance should be done in both space and ground, as well as in other games. PvE and PvP are vastly different to each other in every MMO I've seen out there, and having them both play by the same rules never works.

It turns into another balancing nightmare though, which I can understand why it wouldn't be completely overhauled like that. But this is a good thing to do for this weapon. Will this also affect the CRM-200 you get from the Breen missions? I'll assume so, but I'm not sure it would since you mention "this weapon".

You forgot that the CRM-200 is in the same boat. It deals Cold damage and unless you're in an EV suit, you have no defense against it (other than trying to not be in LoS of the player using it).
The issue with that gun is that it does pitiful amounts of damage compared to even an Mk X blue weapon. It's only really effective in slowing a target down if two or three people use it. It's mostly a parlor trick weapon, but can be extremely deadly if used by the right person against the right target.
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