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02-09-2013, 01:08 PM
Plasma really comes into it's own if you're in a Fleet with a Embassy that's provisioned, and have the Romulan console and beam array. The consoles mentioned with the chance to have Plasma proc added to any weapon, will add damage instead to plasma type weapons, stack three of those in your Science Consoles and you have a fair bit of damage.

The Romulan Console (+ to all power levels, + to crits)and the Romulan Beam Array (0 power drain when fired!) together will also buff your plasma damage.

Those together plus 3x Plasma Infusers will melt most things things PvE. It should even be enough to get over the 20% STF shield resist in PvP, unless I'm figuring things wrong.

Other things to bolt on: The Borg console (+5 Weapons power, + to crits) and Kinetic Cutting Beam (360 degree kinectic damage). The two piece bonus for that set has a proc that adds more weapon power, as well as reducing drain when firing weapons. Pretty good thing to have with any weapon type.