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02-09-2013, 03:09 PM
I have the XII set and it works very well in PVE, the regeneration is so high that with the reputation shield passives and a good XII pruple Field Gen it heals itself quite a bit, A the speed of the Eng in sector space for me is transwarp 18.9 so it makes getting places almost like having slipstream running at all times. I use the Adaptive MACO XII and the XII Borg Eng and Deflector with the Borg console for PVP and it does real good, However the Borg shields cap is a little weak vs spike damage so unless you are on a team that can keep a TSS on you I would use a different shield. But PVE with the Tractor Beam and Cutting beam and full borg set on an escourt works very well. Im a Tac and I use it in my Mobius and MVAE in starbase 24 and get 1st place with no deaths playing on Elite all the time. It also does very well in STF's. You can dive in kill one or 2 spheres, peal off and in 5-7 seconds your shields are back upto full for another pass. So borg set vs, spike and sustained attack, Poor, hit and run, Good, with good Doffs and Consoles the set can work very well.