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02-09-2013, 04:41 PM
If I see a ship using all turrets in an STF, I will simply take the penalty and leave.

Its easy enough to use beam array broadside on any ship including ones with the worst turn rate like carriers, Oddysey, and Bortasqu. If its for STF, you can even get away with using DHC on them, I do it on carriers all the time with no problem.

You need to look at you character spec, gear, and power settings if you are having so much trouble piloting a carrier you can't even handle beams on it. Impulse thrusters, engine performance, and warp core potential all need at least 6 ranks in it, more if possible. Shift at least 50 power to engines or use eng battery when you need to turn fast, and use evasive manuvers too. I normally run 100 weapons, and 50 engines when I am doing dps so I can manuver enough to stay on target, and just realy on EPTS and EPTAux to give my shields and aux enough power for my heals and hanagar speed.