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Yeah...and while I doubt that happened, by the 24th century, it does show the extremes to which we can go in forgetting the reality of historical events.
Oh absolutely. There're several historical sites near where I live, and while they're open to the public, they're certainly advertised as 'venues for family lols'...

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While I kind of see what you mean, I think that in part it's DS9's episode "Cardassians" that left a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to that sort of thing. Rugal Pa'Dar definitely came off as having been brainwashed--either by his adoptive parents or by the society around him, depending on who you believe was responsible for the abuses against him--into a very self-destructive mindset regarding his identity.
I have to admit, I'd actually forgetten that episode, so there was no inspiration from Rugal in Meliden, but yes, it was definitely an emotionally challenging episode. Even though the Federation has often been at odds with Cardassia, for the most part, Humans have not suffered as directly at Cardassian hands in the same extended way as Bajorans have, so Meliden's parents would have no latent hostility toward Cardassians, but rather view her (and them as a people) solely as victims of the Dominion's brutality. Of course, on a personal level, I think that her parents probably would have tried to make her aware of Cardassian culture, but she utterly rejected it as being at odds with her day to day reality, so while she might not have been overtly brainwashed/indoctrinated into Human culture by her adoptive parents, it was certainly the life she chose herself. Given how her mother reacted during their last call, I'm sure she would have something to say

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