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02-09-2013, 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
A "vote to kick" option is undeniably needed. Ignore the cries about the potential for abuse. A lot of those complaints are coming from the leechers themselves. Not many people are going to vote out a productive pick-up game team member.
This can eaily be abused, I was in a KASE with 4 people from the same fleet who all were doing way less dps then me, but were trying to tell me what to do, like guard probes. This was after I tanked the tac cube the whole time with no cross heals from them with my tac escort with no threat control, so obviously I had most DPS.

STF is DPS race, so DPS person runs the show, but these people were thinking just because most of the group was their fleet their fleet was running it. Anyway I just ignored them and the probes and someone from their fleet was forced to guard them while I soloed both cubes on right side and took my gate sdown before the other 3 of them on left side did.

If there was a vote kick system I could have been kicked simply for knowing how better to play my ship effectivley and not listening to noobs.