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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
If I see a ship using all turrets in an STF, I will simply take the penalty and leave.
This is absolute elitest crap, my all disruptor turret Vo'Quv with 4 Adv BOP can easily do as much DPS as any sci/cruisier and most escorts. I have had to switch nodes in ISE and help others many many times because I DPS'd mine down to 10% to fast. You seem forget the hanger pets and how much DPS they do??..

The best part about all turrets on the big bird is you can just fly it any which way to get full defense bonus and "always" having guns doing dps 100% of the time. You can then concentrate on doing max dps with your BOP with "recalls" and "fire on my targets" and not constantly having to re-summon them.

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