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Bravok sat in the Captain's chair, idly drumming his fingers on his chair's arm. He had been in this timeline a few weeks now, apparantly having replaced the younger version of himself from this timeline. At least there were no vast Tholian empire running things here. The Orion female was making some noise about some anomaly they discovered. The old Klingon just lightly scratched at the scar running over his left eye, the worn eye patch bolted into his skull feeling tight. It sometimes did when trouble was brewing. He had come to trust in those instincts. The Orion knew her science, but Bravok really didn't care about it. He just kept her around as she had other worthwhile assests.

The Orion started making noise about readings. With a grunt, Bravok dropped his hand and stared at her.

"What is it?"
"Something is happening with the anomaly. It's putting out-"

Suddenly Bravok found himself standing outside on some planet. It was night, and towers rose up all around him, illumating the streets with their artificial light. Some form of vehicles moved along the bustling streets. What was this? What planet? There were many humans walking around, but there were various other creatures, all bipedal, most alot shorter than the humans. But they were all seemed to be moving around in groups. The smaller aliens were clutching bags of something, and eating items from them.

Someone walked past and shouted.
"Nice costume."

Bravok snarled.
"This is the uniform of the Klingon Defence Force. It is not some mere costume."
"Woah. Whatever you say dude."

The human walked off. Bravok took out his communicator.
"N'Nesh. Respond. This is Captain Bravok to the I.K.S. Praxis. Respond."

There was no reply. Bravok growled and pocketed his communicator. Deciding the best thing to do was to investigate, he began walking along the street. One of the vehicles screeched to a stop, almost hitting him.
"Watch where ya going buddy. Ya almost got killed!"

"And you should watch where you're piloting. Where am I?"
"I aint got time for drunken louts."

The car drove off. Bravok walked further along. This was clearly a Terran settlement. Could it be Earth? He had never been to it, but it could be. How did he get here?

He finally decided enough was enough. This building had lights on, and seemed to be open. He walked into the lobby of something called a 'hotel' and marched up to the woman at the desk.

"You. Human wench. Where am I?"

The young woman blinked and smiled.
"Welcome to the Park Avenue Royal Hotel Sir. I take it you are here for the Halloween Party?"

"Party? Halloween? Don't play your human games with me."

"Of course Sir. No offense was intended. I can see now you are playing in character. The party is just through the doors on your right."

Bravok looked over at the large wooden doors, then back to the woman. He leaned in closer.

"What is this place? What city? What planet?"

The woman kept her smile, though it was becoming obvious she had no patience for playing along fully.

"This is New York. On planet Earth."

Bravok just grunted, then moved towards the door. As he passed by the bar, he paused and looked up at the monitors. There was some kind of information cast being broadcast, and the date it read was-

He was bumped by someone from behind. Bravok spun to see a squat little man in a long coat. He seemed very nervous and made no apology as he shuffled away towards the party door. Bravok turned back to the screen. The date read October 31st 1992. Well, that wasn't good. Somehow, he had gone back in time. By Khaless's Beard, would he never be free from time jumps?

As the music from the party started singing that rythym was a dancer, there was a loud bang, followed by screaming and another loud bang. Bravok frowned. That didn't sound good. Not at all.

Despite having discovered he was lost in time, Bravok didn't care about preserving the past. After all, he had already wiped his original timeline from existence. It's not like he cared for this one. He ran towards the door, smashing through them. The Squat Guy was holding a shotgun at the crowd, two of the partygoers were on the floor where they had been shot. The sudden entry scared the Squat Guy, causing him to spin around and shoot Bravok.

Most of the shots missed, but some of the blast hit him in his left shoulder, spinning him around and down. He clutched the wound with his right hand, his blood seeping between his fingers.

"I... I....I didn't wa-wa-want to. But I will NOT be taken as a joke. Not now. Not ever again."

As the Squat Guy turned back towards the crowd, Bravok slipped his right hand down to his belt. In one fluid motion, he pulled his d'k tahg and launched it at Squat Guy. The blade hit him in his chest, close to his heart. Squat Guy dropped his gun and staggered back, clutching the knife's blade. Bravok wasted no time and charging up to his feet and forwards, raising his fist and driving it with all of his might at Squat Guy's jaw. The impact shattered his mouth, the crack from the shattering bones heard by all over the music. Squat Guy collapsed to the ground in agony, but Bravok didn't let up. He leapt on him, quickly grabbing his head and twisting it, ending the threat.

Slowly, the crowd started to compose themselves. They started edging closer when the fire alarm started blaring. Everyone stampeded out of the room, eager to get out of the horror. Everyone but Bravok and one other. As he stood, he saw a thin human male standing by the Fire Alarm button. He was dressed in some weird jumpsuit that looked like it was made of wires. When they were alone, the human started clapping.

"Well done. I knew you were the one."

Bravok pulled his knife out of Squat Guy and advanced towards this new human.

"Start talking. Or I'll gut you where you stand."

"Easy there. You can call me Daniels. Let's just say I'm responsible for making sure the timeline keeps it's course. One of the people in this room tonight is an ancestor of a Klingon female. An ambassador in your time, named K'Ehleyr. Some people from my time wanted her never to be born, which would have lead to Duras becoming Klingon Chancellor, and drastically altering the timeline. They put an agent back here to make sure that shooter had access to the weapon and opportunity to kill her ancestor. One of the projected timelines indicated a party guest, in a costume that matches your description, was able to disarm the shooter. Ideally, I was hoping you would stop him before he killed those two, but at least you achieved the primary objective."

"So you sent me back here? How did you know? I'm not even meant to be part of the timeline you took me from."

"No. When the Enterprise C returned to her time, you were meant to return as well. But when I saw your description, I knew you had to be the person here today, so I stepped in and crossed you over. The original Bravok never amounted to anything significant in the grand scheme of things, and he had no children, so disruption was minimal. We're done here, I can send you back to the Praxis."

"Can you return me to my original timeline?"

Daniels paused a moment.

"No. I'm afraid that timeline does not exist anymore. All I can do is return you to the future of this timeline."

"Very well human. But watch your records. The name Bravok will become one well known in the years to come."

Bravok suddenly found himself back on his bridge. N'Nesh was still blabbering about the anomaly. Bravok got to his feet and simply stormed off the bridge.

In 1992, Daniels shook his head slowly. Klingons were too tempermental to recruit fully. Sometimes, you just have to point them at the problem and hope for the best. And whoever had set these events in motion were still out there. Temporal incursions were stepping up lately. He hoped this wasn't going to escalate into a Temporal Cold War.

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