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02-09-2013, 05:03 PM
This would be a pretty easy situation... Chakotay was a gentleman, there's no way he'd take a seat in the pod from a female, so he'd be the one going down with the ship, and I'd be sure to say a prayer for his soul. The remainder, would actually be a fairly tolerable group... I'd have a poker buddy in Riker who loves jazz music as much as I do, so there'd always be at least a two person majority in deciding what to listen to From the behavior of the other Riker in Defiant, he would probably be more than happy to keep Kira occupied on the side, while I discussed Vulcan neuropressure and mindmelds with T'Pol... I'd only need to lift my sleeve to show my appreciation for Vulcan culture, and she's no stranger to Human Strange, so a fairly easy social situation till being discovered