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No you do not need an Engineer in High Level PvP.

Reason being is quite simply, the Engineer has at least 3 selfish abilities that only serves purpose to himself. Obviously running in a team also means you want to contribute a little bit more then just boosting your beams a bit with Nadion/EPS and keeping your own butt alive with RSF/Miracle.

If Tac's/Sci's can do without, so can an engineer. Thus useless.

IMO Engineers were always supposed to be a tank, because other then that a tac or a sci can heal just as much externally as engineers. Again you dont need to be an engineer to stay alive, thats what the team is for. And if you are solo'ing i don't think you would even be asking this question in the forums.

Unfortunately Engineers have literally nothing that would make people actually want to kill you. No awesome damage, just zombie'ing around. You might think being an engineer with tons of heals will attract the attention towards you, but really versus a good premade 1 full heal engineer cruiser can't keep your whole team alive if no-one else has any heals. and again the circle goes round and round and instead of firing at the engineer cruiser the opposing team can target another sub healer instead and still win.

Originally Posted by arctos1717 View Post
Even the best of the best can't heal as much as best science captains,?
I never seen a Sci do more healing then a Engi, nor the other way around. Unless you count in the self heals.

For each Subnuke you can diminish ones damage, ultimately taking away the need to heal extra. Basic rule but Sci > Engi

Or let me state it differently, I'd rather want to be a Sci, nuking off someones ability to even kill me (Nuke off APA/GDF) instead of being an Engi, use RSF and try to tank all that damage off me :p

Choice is easily made.

You need to have something REALLY special if playing an Engi to increase your threat generation otherwise its basically a lost cause and its a 5 versus 4.5 or even worse 5 versus 4.1 (.1 still for the beams you fire which might hurt hem a tiny bit )


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