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02-09-2013, 06:17 PM
Ship's log. The Sentinel was charting new colony locations in the Rolor nebula when we encountered a void in space. Upon further investigation, we discovered another ship trapped in the void. We hailed them, only to discover, to my surprise, it was another ship named Sentinel. Same class, same crew. But they were slightly different.

This ship had become trapped in some technobabble that Emony and Bosip assure me meant that other vessel was stuck in our dimension. Our own curiosity got the better of us, and as we had closed in to investigate, we were also trapped. The other Stunshock asked for our help in getting free. Well, who am I to turn down a request from myself. Their ship needed some polarised Ion Conduits and phased inducer couplings to rig their impulse engines with some kind of inversed field, that when combined with a warp shell would push their ship back into their own dimension and us free at the same time. Unfortunately, their warp engines were offline and they needed us to create the warp shell. Since it was the only way to get my crew back out, we made the modifications to both Sentinel's and the plan worked.

Emony recorded everything, and the data is being sent back to Earth for study. I'm sure the Terran Empire will be able to find some use in the data we aquired for them.

On a more personal note, I found it somewhat...... intoxicating to have two Talaina's around. Most intoxicating indeed.

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