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Originally Posted by crusty8mac View Post
Janeway. Ruined a whole series all by herself.
Not by herself....I've already said it, but the Doctor was one of the stupidest concepts for the show. The idea that he was "sentient" really really ruins the show for me, and Voyager is admittedly, my least favorite series already. I don't care if he is a hologram, the entire "He's a person" thing they kept pushing on the show was, in my opinion, ridiculous. I think if they had dropped that aspect it would have been better.

But then, I think the entrie Voyager series could have been easily improved by just placing it in an "unknown and unexplored" region of space, but not totally isolated from the Federation. (meaning they can contact SF but it might take days or weeks). The ship is there to explore, just like Kirk did, and seek out new life and new civilizations. That way they could have had the same "we're on our own" thing and still introduce characters like Neelix and (ugh) Kes, and villains like the Hirogen and the Kazon through subplots or an over all story arc without writing themselves to much in a corner. (a bonus id allowing well known villains like the romulans and klingons to show up without some technobabble or wierd anomoly)

Well, as I said, its my opinion and we all them. Among trek fans there are probably a few thousand ideas for shows and characters.