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02-09-2013, 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by jadensecura View Post
You weren't not listening to noobs, you were not listening to perfectly competent players who were perhaps slightly less effective than you, although you have no solid evidence for that assertion and they had no evidence at all. Heck, as far as I can tell they could all have been doing 25% more DPS than you but each had one of the [-Th] consoles. The most important thing in an STF is good teamwork and strategy. From what I can tell their strategy was a perfectly typical and sound one. If you're not willing to work as a team you are making the mission harder for everyone, whether you have 2k DPS or 20k. By deliberately ignoring the mission-critical duty you had been asked to perform without even informing the other players you were effectively a griefer, and so kicking you at that point would not have been an abuse at all. That's just the way working together works.
And THIS is precisely why a vote to kick tool is a very bad idea. It will become "Do as we so or we will kick you". No player should have to take orders from another player in a match. They should be able to play the match any way they want. And what would be to stop a team like that from kicking the player right before Donatara's ship gets blown up just to spite the player. Do you really think Cryptic is going to investigate every last claim of abuse on a vote to kick tool? They won't, they have a lot of better things to do.