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VOY - Seven of Nine. It's a shame because she has a lot of interesting story elements and good character moments, but most of the time she had no personality and the way the show practically fetishized her was just embarrassing. At first I thought the problem lay with Jeri Ryan, but after seeing her on other shows, and playing an emotional Seven in "The Killing Game,"it's not her, it's just how the character's written.

ENT - T'Pol for being fetishized maybe even more than Seven, and having the same lack of personality (and whereas Seven at least had lots of interesting background stuff to work with like her parents, T'Pol's got nothing going on). She'd started to improve a little as the show went on, though, and I think if it'd lasted a full seven seasons she might have pulled a Troi and turned the character around.[/QUOTE]

Dude were you even paying attention!? Sevn of Nine and Tpol didn't.have personalities because they never had emotions! I mean tpol might be characterized as a typical arrogant Vulcan and 7 had no emotions for years and is trying to adapt to being human so you can't blame her for not having a personalities. But I do agree with you that they were over fetishized.