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02-09-2013, 07:22 PM
Possible persistent content in foundry

Interactive, persistent colonization missions

A set of short or not that short missions based around a foundation of a colony. Starting from planetary survey, through colonist selection to finally creating a self sustaining colony.

Lets say, the players have to survey 3 planets. They collect samples, fight wildlife whatever. At the end of the mission, you ask them to vote on "Establishing a colony on planet A, B or C" in the mission review. After a few weeks, you sum the votes and continue the story with the planet that has the most votes. Then you select the colonists. Interview group A, group B and group C. Throw in some story or mission too to make it interesting. Then the players can vote on which colonist group to send. Next mission, what buildings to build etc...
I think you got the idea.

It is interactive, because the players make the hard choice, you just follow up with the story. And persistent because you can always visit the colony that was built on or around the collective ideas of the captains. Just bring up the final mission in the foundry and revisit the colony. Maybe add in a memorial plaque like captains who helped to shape our beloved colony: and a few names who voted on all the steps taken. And it is not just voting, the captains may suggest a name for the colony, or maybe something else that would make a good story element. Also you can even make a bad ending, like if the players picked a vulcanic planet, and sent a bunch of scientists to make an farming colony and then decided against placing an orbital power plant in fear of pollution.

And when the chain is done, you can retire the old missions (except the final colony) and start a new one with the same or similar steps.

Mini Romulan or Cardassian factions

Now we desing missions for Feds and Klinks. Why don't we make missions for Romulans, for example? Klingon K7s were used by Romulans. I know Feds don't really have any playable Romulan ship, but maybe say that the ship is a salvage. Or who knows, maybe someone mods a Fed ship to look like a D'Deridex just for that.
So anyway, it would play from start to the end as a Romulan or Cardassian mission. No, you are not an undercover masked Fed captain, but the real thing.
Just pure Romulan missions with spies, Tal'shiar, Remans, Treachery... I think that would be something I would make an all Alien-masked-as-Romulan crew for.