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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
That would be part of the useful activity. Kang probably has more useful activity since there is healing Kang and damaging npcs involved. Although, there might be some teams where the Kang and the Vortex are not a concern. Probably have a if the Kang and Vortex aren't affected by npcs, then players guarding them are awarded as regular players. If they are affected by npcs and no activity is done by the guards, then consolation prize. Have to punish guards for dereliction of duty. Besides, those two STFs have a fail condition so afkers probably go after ISE and other events where you can't fail it.
So, what about teams using three cube attackers, one floater, and one emergency guard/kang healer. The match goes so well that the emergency guard doesn't have to do anything until the end Neg'Vars show up. If there were a timed kick then he would have been booted long before that time. You wouldn't be able to get anyone to do guard duty due to a risk of not getting the "best"rewards. I have done hundreds upon thousands of STFs. Out of that I have only had two cases where someone was just sitting there pressing need constantly (KASE and ISE). The KASE was rather fun, the team and I decided to lure Donatara over to the spawn and we let her camp him a few times. Amazingly enough the third time around he full impulsed way out into the far corner of the map .

It's not as all so common as you are all claiming. The easiest way to solve this? Have your whole team send complaints about him to his fleet leader via the ingame mail. Then have everyone leave the match. Cryptic doesn't need to implement a technical feature to deal with the very small number of AFKers, we already have methods to deal with them on our own.