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02-09-2013, 07:35 PM
I'm glad that you've found a FOV setting that you're happy with.

Just keep a few things in mind, however...

Messing with the FOV setting in the config file isn't something we support officially.
The command to set that value is /gfxSetDefaultFOV <some number>.
The FOV value is the VERTICAL field of view, or the angle in degrees between the top of your screen and the bottom, where many games let you adjust the horizontal FOV.

There's a bug in newer builds that ignores the config file value. If you run into it, just use the command. (Again... not officially supported.)

To get the equivalent horizontal value, just multiply the vertical FOV value by your aspect ratio...

For 16:9 widescreen... 55 * (16/9) is roughly 97.8 degrees horizontal.
For 4:3 standard... 55 * (4/3) is roughly 73.3 degrees horizontal.