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Originally Posted by westx211 View Post
And to all you haters of the doctor I say, do you also hate Data?! Its the same concept!
Since you asked, yes. Data is a toaster.

I liked the character, mind you. But its a matter of, I guess perception....robots and androids have been in Sci-Fi forever. We can't make a data, but there are ronots on Earth right now. Even humanoid ones.

But holograms that need projectors and even as the doctor admits at times function on his "program"? Its pushing the boundary of suspense of disbelief to declare him a "life form". I can just as well declare my PC and laptop "life" forms. Its an example of magic technology that really I think hurts Star Trek more than helps it.

So yeah, if you wanna throw Data in the mix, it could be said that he is unique. No one in the Federation has succeeded in making him. They had an entire episode about that. Sinceholograms arenot really unique in the federation its a stupid idea to say that the Doctor is "sentient. His existence has to be supported by Voyager's computer, so is Voyager sentient now? Honestly, I can consider Astro Boy a life form before the Doctor.

Thats in my opinion has always been a problem with trek....they've extended technology ...fantasy tech, to be the point where they've hurt any drama in the story. Transporters could realistically (in their universe) cure anything except for the plot device of the week, holograms can take over a ship even though the ship's computer memory is what allows them to even be. (I hate the concept of holgram ship the Keldon class uses...because realistically wouldn't the powers that be just use holgram ships all of the time? As a game mechanoc, its fine. As something that feels right in even trek, no...its BS).