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The way I've written my captain's story is that the Athena spends more time away from dock, on the front lines and just generally away from home than even long range exploration ships. As a result, relationships are a fact of life on the ship. Bryan's policy is "Don't let it interfere with your duties," but otherwise, he leaves his crew to go about their own lives. As for Bryan himself, I've hinted at his relationship with his first officer, a Trill women named Ibalei Zera, but if you want to know how it turns out, you'll need to read my entry to the latest literary challenge when I finish it.

EDIT: Another reason for Bryan's lax restrictions on what he permits while his crew are off-duty is because he expects an extremely high amount of operational discipline from them on-duty and at red alert. Sort of similar to how the Turians in the Mass Effect series are.
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