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Originally Posted by thestargaze View Post
How does the RPing work in STO? I am interested in RPing but how do you guys do this?
Think of it as acting (improvising in this case) for amateurs. In this case: gamers.
On a simple level, you start by creating your avatar.
You create a story (doesn't matter if its sparse or complicated), and you work around your characters story with others. (That's how a Stanislavsky type approach works).
For games like STO and/or Discovery mod for Freelancer, you improvise the words and actions of your characters based on the events or actions of your fleet mates.
Another way to role-play is on the forums. For example, your leader creates a post concerning a skirmish that happened in say Klingon territory, say Kerrat, and you improvise YOUR experience in reference to your leader's (or other member's) experiences.
Since STO doesn't allow random attacks by somebody in any system, usually you role-play with friends or enemies on events that have happened or are going to happen.
Where as with Discovery mod for Freelancer, ANY type of event can occur at any given time, anywhere, so there you have a chance to improvise IN THE MOMENT; in-character.
Since random events can't happen (usually) in STO, you have more time to add details to your characters personality/story, and then use those details as a basis for how your character will act during various instances.