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Thats in my opinion has always been a problem with trek....they've extended technology ...fantasy tech, to be the point where they've hurt any drama in the story. Transporters could realistically (in their universe) cure anything except for the plot device of the week, holograms can take over a ship even though the ship's computer memory is what allows them to even be. (I hate the concept of holgram ship the Keldon class uses...because realistically wouldn't the powers that be just use holgram ships all of the time? As a game mechanoc, its fine. As something that feels right in even trek, no...its BS).

I don't exactly agree, but I can see where you're coming from. Robotic characters is one of the few things that Star Wars did much better than Star Trek ever really did. In TOS they were either evil, or naive beautiful women. In TNG they were either monsters or props of the week, sure it had Data, but other than the Doctor, there aren't really any robotic characters.

Contrast that with Star Wars (the original trilogy at least) which had robots of every possible size and purpose. Robots like R2-D2 and C3PO are great because they added a sense of futurism and fantasy while still seeming reasonably realistic. While I love the Doctor, I agree that sometimes the technology behind him seemed rather silly.

This I why I wish Star Trek had done more with the Exocomps or things like them. I want my Exocomp bridge officers damnabits!

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I my only problem with Data is the same I had with Seven: Too much of him. Becoming the Poochie. It happens with fan favorites, including the Doctor.

(I do feel that Voyagers problems all lay with the writing staff most of whom were also the show-runners. Fans turned show-runners produce bad results 90% of the time in any medium. Too much time was spent trying to recapture previous TNG lightning in their bottles and not enough pushing what Trek is given the premise. Regardless, its obvious why Robert Beltran decided to half-ass his job like we all do when we feel the bosses are morons and I don't hold it against him.)
I agree. That relationship with Seven was... weird.

As for my least favorite character, that would have to be half the cast of Enterprise. So many of them just... bother me.

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